ABER – N° 61, Autumn 2015

Literary Review

Contents of the Abstracts


Toomai of the Elephants, –
Rudyard Kipling
Tr. Mari Elen Maze

Langage and Society : from Gonideg to LAVAR

I – Linguistic policy of the first Emsav (first period of the Breton Uprising)
Gwenael Maze

To go fast…

The significant role of the cats in the development of humankind, About Life and philosophical views of a cat, by Hippolyte Taine (in A Tour Through the Pyrenees, 1858)
Pierrette Kermoal


From the sea to the tin, white-meat tuna, about pictures by Steven Maze
Y.B.Quirion and Brigitte Chaplin

With waves at nightfall : Ar Baganiz, a play by Tanguy Malmanche
Pierrette Kermoal

The garden of languages

Armenia-France, Luxembourg, Middle-East, Russia
Jorj Abherve-Gwegen



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