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Literary Review

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Angela in the magic wood
Anna Furic

The letter, Falling out of love
Paskal Tabuteau

Povero bambino
Tr. by Jean-Michel Mahe

Language, History, Literature

Conference hold on 29 March 2015 in Quimper
What about "Barzhaz Breizh"? "Lord Nann and the Korrigan"
Pierrette Kermoal

Breton Neology explained to my English nephew Yann-Baol an Noalleg

The collapse of the Soviet Union and its after effects on French civil religion, remarks about:
"Composition française" by Mona Ozouf. Part 2.

Gwenael Maze


"Crosswind", an Estonian film
Jorj Abherve-Gwegen

From the sea to the tin, white-meat tuna, Pictures by Steven Maze
Joelle Kermoal-Furic

The garden of languages

Alsace, Occitania, United States, Turkey 
Jorj Abherve-Gwegen



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