ABER — N°58
Winter 2014

Literary Review

Contents of the Abstracts


Was it raining ?
Pierrette Kermoal

In half light…
Pierrette Kermoal

Whispers of the Dead
Peter Tremayne

The feat of Literature IV

Conference organized by Aber on 6 April 2014 in Plabennec
On Tangi Malmanche's trail

Female characters in Tangi Malmanche's plays – III :
The tale of the starving Soul, versions of 1900-1904 and 1939

Pierrette Kermoal


Do you know Tangi Malmanche ?
Pierrette Kermoal

The garden of languages

Moris, Czech, Poland
Jorj Abherve-Gwegen

Table of "The garden of languages"
Jorj Abherve-Gwegen



Teul koumanantiń

Articles published in aber in 2014

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