ABER N°37,

Literary Review — No 37, autumn 2009

Contents of the Abstracts


Sweet-bitter songs Gwenn-Ael ar C'helleg 353
Haiku : Handwritings, Love, Lust, Seasons Loeiz Gwilhamot 353
A fuchsia sweater Pierrette Kermoal 353
Mother and son Liam O'Flahertytranslated in Breton by Pierrette Kermoal 355
The two lovers, Onnenn Marie de Francetranslated in Breton by Pierrette Kermoal 355

Literary review

Notes on Yann-Ber Kalloc'h's life and works Loeiz Moulleg 355
"So much different…" A short word more about Kalloc'h and Roparz Hemon Pierrette Kermoal 356


hurch and Emsav, Part IV Peculiarities of Breton migration to Armorica Gwenael Maze 357

Point of view

Oddness, she says… Pierrette Kermoal 359


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