Literary Review — No 35, spring 2009

Contents of the Abstracts

Centenarium of Maodez Glanndour

Maodez Glanndour, poet and philosopher Pierrette Kermoal 108
Introduction to the Song of Songs Maodez Glanndour 109
The Song of Songs, by Salomon
Tr. in Breton by Maodez Glanndour
The two sources of morale and religion (excerpt) Henri Bergson
Tr. in Breton by Maodez Glanndour


Three tales : The Spider, The Weather and the Rainbow,
Wonderful Night  
Nolwen Serazin 110
Passing by… Loeiz Gwilhamot 110
Nan Hogan's house Seumas O'Kelly
Translated in Breton by Mari Elen Maze

To go fast …

The esoteric trap :
About "The silver dove" by Andréi Biély
Tangi Legavre 111


The nature of Man, second talk of Mr. Kerlogot Fañch Kerrain 112